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Eligible Courses:

Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers

    Sustainable Sediment Management for Navigation Projects


    Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) Contracting in Transportation Infrastructure Programs


    An Introduction to Sediment Transport Modeling Using HEC-RAS
    Continuous Simulation Wetlands Hydrological Modeling to Support Mitigation Design
    Decentralized Recharge and Reuse - Innovative Wastewater Systems
    Determining Appropriate Level of Engineering and Use of 'Soft Engineering' for Stream Restoration Activities
    Environmental Issues and Mitigation for Low Volume Roads
    Estimating Erosion Rates - Tools for Prioritizing TMDL-Water Quality Improvements, Stream Restoration, and Infrastructure Protection Projects
    Navigation Engineering - Understanding the Basics
    Planning and Design Guidelines for Small Craft Harbors - An Overview of ASCE Manuals and Reports on Engineering Practice No. 50
    Radar Rainfall Estimation for Modeling and Design
    Stream Restoration in Large and Small Channels
    Trade and Offset Alternatives for Meeting Permitting Requirements
    Upcoming Revisions ASTME 1527 Standard Practice for Environmental sites Assessment


    An Introduction to Value Engineering (VE) for Value Based Design Decision-Making
    Design of Erosion Control Measures for Small Channels
    Development, Detection, and Containment of Elevated Temperatures in Landfills
    Earthwork 101
    Interceptor Condition Assessment and Sustainability
    Subsurface Flow/Gravel Wetlands - Three Design Examples
    Sustainable Geotechnical Applications: Coal Combustion Products – Part II of VI
    Sustainable Geotechnical Applications: Construction Using Recycled Materials – Part I of VI
    Sustainable Geotechnical Applications: Foundry Byproducts – Part IV of VI
    Sustainable Geotechnical Applications: Recycled Base Aggregates in Pavement Applications – Part III of VI
    Sustainable Geotechnical Applications: Sustainability & Life Cycle Analysis of Recycled Materials - Part VI of VI
    Sustainable Geotechnical Applications: Tire Derived Aggregate in Geotechnical and Environmental Applications- Part V of VI
    Thermo-mechanical Behavior of Unsaturated Soils
    Unsaturated Soil Mechanics in the Laboratory: Measuring Suction and the Soil-Water Characteristics

Hydraulics and Water Resources

    A New Approach to Applications of Sediment Transportation
    Advanced Bridge Hydraulics with HEC-RAS
    Advanced Culvert Hydraulics with HEC-RAS
    An Introduction to HEC-HMS
    An Introduction to HEC-RAS Culvert Hydraulics
    An Overview of Unsteady Flow Simulations Using HEC-RAS
    Construction Stormwater BMPs
    Culvert Analysis Using FHWA HY8 Software
    Culvert Design for Fish Passage - Concepts and Fundamentals
    Culvert Design for Fish Passage - Design Steps and Examples
    Estimating Flood Flows Using Regression Methods
    Floodplain Mapping Using HEC-GeoRAS RAS Mapper
    Geometry Pre-Processing in HEC-RAS
    HEC-RAS Bridge Hydraulics
    Hydrologic Trespass and Nuisance Considerations in Stormwater Management Design
    Introduction to Design of Erosion Control Measures Using Riprap
    Introduction to Runoff Analysis Using Unit Hydrographs
    Runoff Analysis Using WinTR-55
    Storm Water Management Alternatives for Small Commercial Sites
    Streamflow Naturalization for River Basin Studies
    Sustainable Water Reuse & Recycling
    The Design and Construction of Large Onsite Wastewater Facilities
    Troubleshooting Unsteady Flow HEC-RAS Models
    Understanding the Use of Ineffective Flow Areas in HEC-RAS
    Using Gridded Rainfall in HEC-HMS

Management and Practice

    10 Tips for Winning Federal Business
    Critical Path Method
    Delegation - Improve Your and Their Productivity
    Engineer Your Own Success: 7 Key Elements to Creating an Extraordinary Engineering Career
    From Project Engineer to Project Manager – Look Before You Leap
    Mentoring: Guidance for Mentors, Proteges and Organizations
    Monitoring Project Budgets and Schedules
    Project Team and People Management - Part I of II
    Project Team and People Management - Part II of II
    The Five Habits of Highly Effective Marketers
    Time Management: A Roles and Goals Approach to Life Balance


    Aging Infrastructure, Risks, and Making Tough Decisions
    ASCE 7-10 Snow Load Provisions
    Building Structures and Sustainability
    Connection Solutions for Wood Framed Structures
    Design and Construction of Low-Rise Buildings for High Winds and Hurricanes
    Design of Reinforced Concrete Liquid Structures
    Design Snow Loads for Complex Residential Roofs
    Petrographic Analysis of Concrete Deterioration
    Significant Changes to the Wind Load Design Procedures of ASCE 7-10
    Snow Loading for Non-Standard Roof Shapes
    Structural Thermal Bridging in the Building Envelope
    The Role of the Specialty Engineer (From the Wood Truss Industry's Perspective)
    Understanding Firewall Basics
    Wind Design for Non-Residential Wood Structures


    A Closer Look at Road Diets
    Automated Public Transit Systems: Best Practices and Potential Future
    Benefits of Pavement Reclamation: How In-Place Recycling has Worked for National Parks/Forests
    Complying with the MUTCD - Traffic Signing for Horizontal Curves
    Developing, Implementing, & Managing a Comprehensive Citywide Traffic Signal Coordination Program
    Engineering Treatments and Design Development Strategies for Creating Safe Routes to Schools
    Getting Started with HOT Lanes
    Next Generation Street and Traffic Control Device Design for Central Business Districts and Town Centers
    Next Generation Street Design Principles for Central Business Districts and Town Centers
    Permeable Pavement - Design Considerations and Tips for Avoiding Failures
    Regulatory and Warning Signs - Providing Answers to Common Citizen Requests
    Toll Technology and Implementation: A look at how Technology has Changed the Implementation of Tolling

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